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Protect nutrients and allow your child to eat at their own pace with Hands Free Baby Feeder!


Let your child feel the happiness of freedom when you order our high quality Hands Free Baby Feeder, designed to serve as a toy replacement. When your child has finished drinking milk, the nipple can make your baby play as a pacifier. This keeps your baby busy and keeps your hands free so you have the time to focus on something else.



PERFECT SOLUTION: Great for travelling and busy moms who might need a free hand or need to feed twins. Convenient for feeding while baby is in an infant carrier, baby swing, car seat or while being pushed in a stroller. A simple hands-free starter kit feeds babies in an upright position and is easily washed by hand or with a brush.



EARLY CHILD DEVELOPMENT: Hands Free Baby Feeder helps your baby to develop early independence. The nipple is separated from the feeding bottle, so the baby does not need to hold a heavy feeding bottle to drink, which reduces the weight on the baby and speeds up the baby’s independence.



ANTI COLIC & REFLUX: Hands Free Baby Feeder helps to prevent colic and reflux effects. The special design allows your child to ingest the amount of fluid they want without over-drinking. This results in less stomach pain. Approved for babies 3+ months with double vent nipple. Keeps air out to promote a comfortable eating experience.