Close Stool Golf Brush Cleaner

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Clean every crevice of your toilet using this Close Stool Golf Brush Cleaner!



Featuring a golf brush head with soft, quality bristles that can perfectly get into all the nooks and crannies of your toilet. Providing you a scratch-free cleaning that effectively eliminates every dirt and buildup.



Make the brush squeaky clean after using it just by using soap and water! Its non-sticky bristles allow dirt and even hair to wash off effortlessly. Preventing bacterial growth and bad odor.




Golf Arc Brush Head – Designed with a flexible golf brush head that fits perfectly into every corner of your bowl and rim. This powerful cleaner scrubs each hard-to-reach area in a breeze and can reach deep into the drain. Providing you a detailed cleansing and making it a little less of a chore.



Long Handled Design – The brush has a long, comfortable handle which helps you to clean drains and underneath the elusive toilet rim easily. You don’t need to touch the bowl anymore or bend constantly while scrubbing away every stubborn spot!



Non-Scratch Cleaning – It has durable, soft TPR bristles that effectively eliminates every dirt and debris from your toilet without scraping it. You can use it with great force and it won’t still leave even a single scratch mark behind!



Premium Material – Made of high-quality PP material with soft TPR bristles that is durable and lint-free. Perfect for scrubbing all the buildups away!



  • Size: 5 x 41 cm
  • Material: PP, TPR


  • 1 x Close Stool Golf Brush Cleaner