Hair Growth And Thickening Serum PATENTED FORMULA

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Speed up hair growth, thicken hair, prevent hair loss, stimulates hair follicles to grow new hair root!

Suitable for people with slow hair growth, need to grow hair, dry hair, hair loss, hair thinning, long hair with permanent damage, brittle hair ,not smooth hair.


Directions for use:

1. Wash hair with shampoo and dry your hair

2. Spray Hair Growth Spray to the root of hair evenly, Two times a day(morning and evening), spray 1ml in one time, (spray 5-6 times) Increase or reduce the dosage according to the specific condition

3. If possible , massage for several minutes.

According to the survey of 10,000 customers, upon using our product for 30 days, there is 95% chance of hair growth. 50% of the customers saw first results after only 20 days of use.