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Leave your home with a peace of mind with the help of Smart Cat Feeder!



This Smart Cat Feeder is equipped with advanced technology that enables planned feeding with consistent quantity. User can set up to four meal feedings a day! With this handy assistant, parents do not need to worry about rushing back home or overfeeding your pets anymore!



This Smart Cat Feeder also features a voice record setting to play a custom pre-recorded message for your pets before the food is dispensed every time. This helps prevent separation anxiety and encourage your kitties/ pets to eat their meals!



The buttons of the pet feeder are designed in a way that it prevents our pet from accidentally changing any feeding schedules when touching the button plus, its infrared detection prevents clogging or overflowing to occur.



Lastly, you can always trust on this smart feeder with a standby batteries system in case of power failure. The system also saves the current feeding parameters automatically in such events.